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V O M . C O M


A satirical vision from an artist amidst many in the city of millions, the city whose street-filth spit-gutter aesthetic charms and nauseates many with some unclear promise for greatness.

It’s a vision of cartoon birds circling your head as you stumble back from the neighborhood bar,

                                                       lousy with the lies of booze-happiness.

It’s giving a dollar to the homeless because the

                                       Chanel Coat

sitting next to you didn’t think it was worth their time.



What is unique to this contemporary art scene? everywhere you turn there’s an Instagram Rockstar.

Tearing down that concept requires a physicality that is lacking in the modern day

                  web surf


                  kill me.

I photograph to see. I construct to feel. And my presentation is for your experiential benefit. 


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