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S O U N D   S I L E N C E S



Moments are captured in the chemistry of the archival negative. Rolls of moments depicting a silence that is searched for with as much fervency as a religious pilgrimage. 

The silence is ephemeral like the conversation of two passing subway cars.  The noise cancels itself out. Liquid gold dripping down the sides of your face, warm. 

Post-noise, post-violence, post-adolescence.     

                                                                                            Leisurely, depressed youth.

A cigarette accompanies the snap of the shutter and the replacement of everything but these memories’ visceral qualities.

With the camera I remove myself a safe distance, an observatory distance. My friends smile and dance for me, figuratively.

Have you taken my photograph yet?

Let me portray the lurid and dazed escapist symbols of this generation, a generation of burdensome information and exceptional change.

Change always encourages violence and hatred.

I cast the moments into a place bereft of the change. Stay solid in the time of this. Lament in the illusions.

Let me show the softness

                                                            the peace

                                                                        the silence in between.

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