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s o u n d T r a c k s   &   p a r + y   F a v o r s


A recent body of work encompassing the loss of childhood during the stages of ‘growing up.’ The transitional years of looking longingly towards a child as much as motherhood. The in-between of going to the bar for fun or a glass of scotch to ease the post nine-to-five blues.

This is a contemporary body of work by means of capturing a personal lifestyle as well as the time and age of its many settings. It comes as naturally to me as the blinking of my eye – a metaphore often used to discribe the cameras’ function. I blink, I see. My camera shutters and it captures.

This being said, it is the capturing of these moments I hold precious. From finer films to digital, disposable cameras to gopro screenshots, the capture is the importance. When I stray too far from documentary I loose my faith in it’s value… sentimentality if you will.

I use this as a method of living this lovestory of a life. It lives and breathes as I, ever in flux. A physical embodiment of the proposal of life

and with it, I can see. 

P H O T O S   C O M I N G   S O O N

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